Michele Sordo

I am a management consultant: every day I help companies in their Digital Transformation.

My journey starts at the beginning of university: I wanted to be independent and as a CS student I started working as a software developer.
It took me just a couple of months to realize what I still consider the main gap companies have: the point of touch between engineers and upper management, the lack of somebody able to understand both the business drivers and the technical requirements. With this motivation in mind I have chosen an interdisciplinary path.
I truly believe that what makes a company today not only able to survive, but also to excel in the near future, is the way it harnesses the information from the data it collects, in order to make the right strategic decisions. This is what I try to help my clients with every day.
In my free time I focus on learning and innovation, but I also love to spend time playing music and taking photographs.


Masters Degree (MBA)

Business Administration

Online Degree during Covid-19

Quantic School of Business and Technology


Masters Degree (MSc)


Erasmus+: EUBA (SK)

University of Trento


Bachelor Degree

Computer Science

Minor in Economics

University of Trento



Data Analytics0%
Public Relations0%
Strategic Thinking0%

Curriculum Vitae

KPMG Advisory SPA

2019 – present

Enterprise Solutions


Communication Consultant
2013 – present

Management and communication consultant, web strategist, political consultant, frontend developer, web designer, photographer, and graphic designer.


Developer Intern

Python Developer for Atoka.io (Machine learning, data analysis, and modeling in order to find Facebook pages of Italian companies), frontend development of Cardgame Dandelion, data analysis.

Bachelor’s thesis: “Matching Italian Companies with Facebook Pages and Users. Machine Learning Classifier: a Random Forest Approach”


Founder – Executive
2018 – 2019

Baku was a startup that produces and sells an innovative anti-snoring device.

I have been a founder, manager, and CFO.

My work was related to the relationships with investors, business planning, announcement writing, pitching, public relations, web development.

Baku was at pre-seed stage, with a prototype and a patent.
Unluckily other members of the team decided not to continue working for the project, thus the experience ended in May 2019


IT External Collaborator

Python/C# Developer, Python Plugins for QGis, REST API integration in C#.


Graphic Design Intern

Web/Graphic Designer, Translator (Italian-English, English-Italian)

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2019 – present

Economic, political and philosophical popularisation.

Social Catena

President, Founder
2017 – 2018
Project manager and counselor since 2014

Legal constitution in 2017. Ideation and realization of different projects. ”Progetto Europa” (2017-2018): five evenings about European Union, four-day visit to European Institutions in Brussels, creation of a political magazine about Europe’s future. ”Il Confine”, ”Scenari di Confine” (2016): events about geopolitcs and moral issues, ”Magnum Photos” Lorenzo Meloni exposition about Syria. ”Il suono dei passi” (2015,2016,2017): live concerts in mountain areas. ”Festa d’Aprile” (2014, 2017): public debates and events about partisan Resistance.


Art Director
2015 – 2018
Project manager, photoprapher since 2014

”The Right Side Festival”: music and arts festival based in Villa Lagarina (TN), director of ”Art Zone”. ”Multifocus”: three evenings about light, history of photography and photographic art; two workshops about analogic photography and digital printing, final exposition with ”Massimo Pumilia”, reportage by Simone Cargnoni (JumpCut).

UTFEN – Finance Entrepreneurship Network

Marketing & Communication Manager
2015 – 2018

Social media manager, graphic designer, photoprapher

Latest Work

Medium Articles

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